Bowing to the Birthday of Reel Rama

On January 12th, 1958, destiny cast a divine spell on Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, with the birth of Arun Govil! ✨

Arun Govil's 74-Year Journey as the Ultimate Rama

Arun Govil is married to actress Shrilekha.

From Lakshman Ki Rekha to Doordarshan Daata: Arun Govil's Cinematic Odyssey

Networth Of  Arun Govil : 5 Million Doller  40 Cr in INR

Arun Govil's Deathless Performances in Film and TV

Arun Govil Celebrates 74 Years of Ruling Hearts

Echoes of Ramayana: Arun Govil's Birthday Resounds with Timeless Devotion

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